The Right Interview Questions to Ask to Find Your Legal Counsel

When hiring for any position, let alone one as important as in-house counsel, determining the right interview questions can not only help identify the right candidates, but also save time, money, and potential legal headaches while the position is open. We researched across the recruiting industry and spoke to our experts about what questions give the most incite and came up with this top 10 list to get you the insight you need quickly during the hiring process.


In-House Legal Counsel Interview Questions

1. Can you describe a legal matter that you helped to resolve and talk me through the process/outcome?

A good answer here involves giving an example that they were a key player in and a breakdown of a well-thought-out process.

2. What area have you had to grow the most in while working at your current company/firm?

A candidate that can show tangible growth in any area of their current role displays the ability to continue to do so at your company and a willingness to learn. Examples could be growth in leadership, improving knowledge in specific legal areas or working within a team.

3. What legal areas do you have the most experience in and how does it relate to what we are looking for?

Experience in your company’s specific industry or the section within an organization they may be placed in is a huge bonus. If it’s outside of this scope then the candidate should be able to make connections between what they can bring to the role and what you are looking for.

4. Can you describe a complex legal matter that you needed support with? What did you learn?

A good answer here includes showing the ability to learn quickly, work well with others, and identify gaps in their knowledge.

5. What is making you consider other companies outside of your current one?

This gives good insight into their career intentions. Is it for an increase in salary or is it a lack of growth opportunities? Are they looking to make a lateral or vertical career move?

6. Describe the area that you bring the biggest value to your previous company/firm

This could be legal area or professional area, such as leadership, training, research etc.

7. What is your professional goal for the next 5 years? Do you want to dig deep into this role or progress quickly to the next level?

Again, this can indicate their intentions if you were to hire them. Is this role suited for someone who wants to progress quickly or would they likely move on within a year if they don’t? How long do people stay in this role on average and is that what they are hoping to do?

8. Describe a time that you had to say ‘no’ to a request at work. How was this received?

A good answer displays the ability to say no to work so they aren’t over-promising and managing beyond their capacity. Saying no to something because it sounds difficult should be a red flag.

9. Can you give an example of when you mentored someone?

Displaying leadership skills and a willingness to help develop others is a great asset for any candidate as this will likely be something they will have to take on during their career.

10. How do you work both independently and as part of a team?

As both of these working conditions will likely be required, a positive experience of both is great to see. Red flags here are avoiding working with others or difficulties in meeting deadlines when working alone. 


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